Flower Wall Art by Dean Crouser (4 styles)


SKU: 66794
  • Dimensions: 8.25"W by 12.25"H
  • Materials: canvas, solid wood, wood composite, brass
  • Hanger style: sawtooth

Besides looking bright and lovely, these special flowers have a place in our hearts. From the poppy symbolizing eternal rest, worn as a remembrance of those fallen in war, to the stunning rainbow iris as a connection between the heavens and the earth, flowers have always held important symbolic meanings. Rendered here in bold watercolor, use these lovely flower wall arts to accent your artwork, or set it atop your credenza or entry table to provide a beautiful backdrop to your keepsakes.

Dean Crouser is an Oregon-based watercolor artist who specializes in colorful and loose paintings of the world’s fauna and flora. His work is enjoyed by thousands of folks worldwide, and is now available on a variety of home-goods courtesy of Big Sky Carvers!

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