Flowers Sticky Note Cover by Quilling Card


SKU: 73329


  • Wrapped in linen
  • Comes with 1 sticky note pad
  • Refillable

Let it be spring on your desktop 365 days a year with a Flowers Sticky Note Cover by Quilling Card. This family-owned company has taken the deep tradition of paper quilling and turned it into an art that you can bring into your home. Quilling has its roots in ancient Egypt, but has gained popularity in recent years and more and more people have discovered this unique way of rolling paper into beautiful images. Now, Quilling Card produces unique greeting cards and home accents to brighten up your day-to-day spaces!

This beautiful bouquet of flowers will have you envisioning bright gardens and green grass all year long! When you look closely at this sticky note cover, you'll see the intricate design of the paper and the unique ways each strip is rolled to create this image. It is a wonderful way to dress up that boring or drab office space with a pop of color! So when in search for new desktop accessories, the Flowers Sticky Note Cover by Quilling Card is a fun one!