Fox Bean Bag by Nat and Jules


SKU: 64169


  • Made from New Polyester
  • Contains Plastic Pellets
  • Approx. 6"H x 4" x 2"

     Energetic, playful, and absolutely adorable foxes are everyone's dream pet and with the Fox Bean Bag by Nat and Jules, that dream can become a reality! Everyone says that dogs are man's best friend, but did you know scientists discovered the remains of a fox buried alongside a human who they believe was the fox's companion at an ancient cemetery in Jordan. That would mean foxes were man's best friend approximately 4,000 years before dogs. Give your kiddo their very own canine companion with the Fox Bean Bag by Nat and Jules! The Fox Bean Bag by Nat and Jules is an adorable plush that looks just like a little fox kit. Let your child's imagination flourish when they go on grand adventures with their Fox Bean Bag by Nat and Jules! 

     The Nat and Jules subdivision of Demdaco has been designing adorable and lifelike stuffed animals for years. They are carried by most major retailers and have an extensive catalog that includes stuffed animals from cats to crocodiles. With such a plethora of animals, there should be something that every kid in your house will love!