Free Spirit Mini Sticker Sheet by Atomic Child


SKU: 79707


  • Sticker Size: 1.5" inches
  • All Weather Stickers
  • Made in USA

Small yet mighty, these stickers are full of natural inspiration and spirit. The Free Spirit Mini Sticker Sheet by Atomic Child features peace signs, mountain scapes, coexist, wander, and the powerful saying "nature is my church." This Montana themed gift is anything but boring. The stylized graphics of Atomic Child give the stickers a colorful energy that represents the beauty of our western state. Their small size makes them a perfect gift for stockings or for students who want to jazz up their notebooks. Wherever you have space, these stickers can go.

Atomic Child is based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. It is the brain child of Jimmy Bryant, the designer and owner who mastered the Atomic Child graphic flare. Led by his passion for the outdoors, he created designs that honor the beauty of nature while being unique and specific to the Atomic Child brand.