Friendship Horses Nightlight by Diane Whitehead


SKU: 65808


  • Approx. 4" x 5"
  • Swivel socket for horizontal or vertical display
  • Well on the top for warming essential oils
  • Standard C7 lightbulb 

          “Son of a-!” Oh dear, sounds like someone stubbed their toe again trying to get a midnight glass of water. It’s really not fair, you never asked to be woken up with what feels like the entire Sahara desert in your throat. Well with the Friendship Horses Nightlight by Dianne Whitehead your trip just got a little bit easier. The gorgeous Friendship Horses Nightlight gives off a warm glow, making midnight adventures seem much less daunting. The Friendship Horses Nightlight also features the beautiful artwork of Dianne Whitehead, making it an elegant addition to your home. Not a fan of late night excursions? The Friendship Horses Nightlight is the perfect gift for the horse-lover in your life who has a fear of the dark! Children will find the warm light soothing and will have no problem believing that their horse friends will keep them safe all night long!

     Diane Whitehead is the masterful painter behind the beautiful imagery on the Friendship Horses Nightlight. Her artwork is inpisred by the beauty and elegance that animals seem to exist within. Diane uses strong brush strokes and bold colors to capture the spirit of the animals. Diane admires everything about animals when she paints them, acknowledging the camouflage for predators, the vibrancy for finding a mate and much more. A local Montanan and native of the PNW, Diane finds inspiration for her work wherever her heart takes her.