Gently Rounded Edge Elegant Board by Teak Haus


Brand: Teak Haus
SKU: 77844


  • Material: Sustainable Teakwood 
  • Details: Thin, Long, Lightweight & Rounded Edges 
  • Size: 22 x 5 x 0.55 in, 57 x 13 x 1.4 cm 
  • Weight: 2  lb, .9 kg

Sometimes simple is just better. Bread, fruit, and juice is a complete breakfast to share before starting your daily routine. The versatile Elegant collection makes any breakfast more enjoyable and easy-going. There are a number of different serving boards for your favorite breakfast.

Teak Haus uses only FSC-certified harvested teakwood. The benefit of using teakwood as a cutting board is that it will keep your knives from dulling over time but it also provides a smooth and even surface for cutting. You'll want to give it a good rub down with some mineral oil or cutting board oil roughly every other month, but that will just keep this neat piece looking beautiful and staying functional. Naturally moisture-resistant and antibacterial, you're going to love your new Gently Rounded Edge Elegant Board by Teak Haus!