Gnome Be Gone Mini Chuck Wagon by Fred Conlon

$174.99 $139.99

Brand: Sugarpost
SKU: 70270


  • 18" Long by 10" Tall
  • Indoor/ Outdoor 
  • Hand-crafted from recycled metal so products may vary
  • Designed to rust with age

     "The journey not the arrival matters,"

            --T.S. Eliot

The history of Montana can be traced back to crickety wooden wheels slowly moving along dirt paths. Remember the wildest time in the Wild West with the Gnome Be Gone Mini Chuck Wagon by Sugarpost. Pulled by an adorable little horse made from old tools, the Mini Chuck Wagon is on its way to deliver food to the rest of the monsters in your garden. I mean keeping gnomes away can be hard work!  The Gnome Be Gone Mini Chuck Wagon was inspired by the shape of a coffee can, which is something any good chuck wagon would have! Bring a touch of the wild west and Montana to your garden with the Gnome Be Gone Mini Chuck Wagon, your other Gnome Be Gone monsters will thank you for it.

Fred Conlon is the artist behind the wonderful Sugarpost Metal workings and is the creator for his line of Gnome Be Gone monsters. Sugarpost originally started as a pottery shop that Fred Conlon opened in 1998 with his family's blessing. However, after a year he discovered a love for metal working and the Gnome Be Gone line was born. Now Fred is gathering recycled metal from all over the world to bring his monsters to you wherever you are.