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Gnome Socks by Lazy One


Brand: Lazy One
SKU: 69972


  • 75% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 10% Spandex
  • 2 Ply Yarn
  • Preshrunk

     Funky and fun the Gnome Socks by Lazy One are a delightful pair of crew socks that will bring a smile to your face. The Gnome Socks by Lazy One are solid black socks with red accents on their toes, heels, and around the top. However, the Gnome Socks by Lazy One mix it up with a cute and almost grumpy-looking little garden gnome on the top of the sock! The little gnome looks adorable in his green shirt, tiny blue pants and a magnificent red hat. The best part of the Gnome Socks by Lazy One? When you wear the Gnome Socks by Lazy One you'll feel like your walking on a bed of toadstools. But that's probably because the Gnome Socks by Lazy One have an adorable blue bottom with red and white mushrooms decorating it!