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Go Your Own Way Rucksack


Brand: Mona B
SKU: 66705

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  • Material: Up-cycled truck tarps, military tents and canvas
  • Size: 12" W x 18" H x 4" D 36.5" Strap
  • Spot clean only

Wanderlust, Adventurous, Explorer.  Go Your Own Way Rucksack will fit anyone who relates to these words. The soul always desires to travel, and when we wander, we bring gear along. Toss your map, a few snacks, and a camera into your rucksack and run for the hills! Adventure is calling, and to get where you want to be, you must go your own way. 

Crafted from upcycled truck tarps, the Go Your Own way Rucksack is sturdy, rugged, and unique. Adjustable arm straps keep your rucksack from flopping around while you traverse the trail.