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Goat Family Tracks Montana Ornament by Mother Moose Enterprises


SKU: 71472


  • Wildlife-inspired design
  • Three dimensional
  • Designed in Montana

I think we can all agree that seeing wildlife in its natural habitat is breathtaking! Western Montana is one of the few places in North America that you can see mountain goats. The Goat Family Tracks Montana Ornament by Mother Moose Enterprises is a great gift to remember seeing these majestic animals! In the high reaches of the Rockies and Cascades, mountain goats bounce around the rocks. In Canada, you could see one throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Yukon. Alaska is home to mountain goats in Southeast Alaska and the Chugach Mountains.

There is nothing better than shopping local, especially during holidays! The company behind this adorable ornament, Mother Moose Enterprises, is located in Missoula, Montana! Known for producing unique wildlife and nature-inspired keepsakes, this brand is passionate about the outdoors and all things Montana. If you love Montana as much as we do, we guarantee that Mother Moose Enterprises has the perfect product for you.

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