Goldfinch Couple Napkins by Paperproducts Design (2 sizes)


SKU: 81468


  • Beverage Size 5"x5"
  • Lunch Size 6.5"x6.5"
  • 20 Napkins per Package

These are some of the most endearing napkins ever made. The artist behind the brush for these is Vicki Sawyer who has been an artists for years and years with her favorite subjects being birds. One day while walking outside, it occurred to Vicki that if birds can build nests they can make hats! Hence her creation of birds in hats! Vicki has a very unique style that makes it easy to spot her work out from anywhere. For those looking for napkins for different events or for different sizes there are options here for you!

Paperproducts Design has been supporting artists for over 20 years while providing customers with high quality home products. What's best is being able to enjoy different artwork in multiple different ways in your own home! Here at the Montana Gift Corral we really enjoy helping people decorate their homes with high quality products and art, so we love working with Paperproducts Design because they share that same enjoyment as us!