Gourmet Popcorn by Hammond's Candies (8 Flavors)


SKU: 80260


  • Gluten-free / Kosher
  • 6 oz. bags of Popcorn

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Have you ever had a snack that left a lasting impression on you? Whenever you think about the taste, your mouth starts to water and you just can't get it out of your head? The Gourmet Popcorn by Hammond's Candies is your new favorite snack that you just won't be able to stop thinking about. From the savory flavor of pizza to the sweetness of cinnamon churro and everything in between, your tastebuds will thank you for introducing them to this delicious popcorn. I bet when these kernels were still on the cob, they never imagined they'd be something as delicious as Hammond's gourmet popcorn! 

Hammond's Candies is one of those companies where when you hear their name, you know you're getting something good. From what started as a hard candy shop 100 years ago, Hammond's Candies has now expanded to creating all sorts of high-quality and delicious goodies that drive you wild. We are so happy to witness their journey as a beloved company to anyone that listens to their sweet tooth! For more goodies by Hammond's Candies, check out our collection here!