Great Horned Owl Card by Claire Emery Art


SKU: 80304


  • 4.25" inches by 5.5" inches
  • Woodblock Print
  • Made in Montana

If you didn't already know, big sky country is a great place to observe Great Horned Owls. Maybe you have a bird-enthusiast in your life, or maybe you are the bird-lover, but we can all agree that a card with a beautiful work of art on it is always needed! The Great Horned Owl Card by Claire Emery Art is the perfect way to invite your loved one up to Montana to see some of these marvelous raptors in person! Printed from a woodblock carving, and card by Claire Emery Art captures true Montana craftsmanship and artistry!

Cards by Claire Emery Art are truly stunning. Each image is meticulously hand-carved from a block of wood to capture the true likeness of any animal or scene being depicted. After working among scientists and conservationists all around Montana, Claire Emery has developed an extensive reputation for being one of the best nature artists and her work is highly sought after! 

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