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Green Sunflower Journal by Quilling Card


SKU: 73337

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  • Approx. 6" x 8.75"
  • 120 Blank Pages
  • Ribbon Bookmark
  • Comes in Silver Cover

      The Fibonacci sequence is an interesting and somewhat complex math sequence the is present in everyday things. In fact, the spiral formation of seeds in a sunflower typically follow the Fibonacci sequence! But you probably wont see it in the Green Sunflower Journal by Quilling Card because quilling a strip of paper to look like that would be insane. But that doesn't mean the Green Sunflower Journal by Quilling Card isn't any less gorgeous or impressive! The Green Sunflower Journal by Quilling Card is made by carefully coiling endless strips of colored paper and shaping the coils to slowly look like the beautiful image seen on the Green Sunflower Journal. With 120 blank pages for you to fill with stories, doodles, and secrets the Green Sunflower Journal is more than just a pretty face! Let your imagination spiral out of control with the fun Green Sunflower Journal! 

     Quilling Card is a business founded on the desire to preserve a beautiful art form that began centuries ago. And what better way to share the beautiful art form than with greeting cards? Over years of hard work, Quilling Card has grown beyond just greeting cards and is a premier source for preserving and sharing the beautiful art style.