Green Yellowstone Copper Medallion Mug by Americaware


SKU: 77056


  • 15 oz mug
  • Copper Medallion
  • Hand-Dipped Glaze

Find yourself a mug that speaks to your adventurous heart! The Green Yellowstone Copper Medallion Mug by Americaware is made using a hand crafted style glaze that reacts differently for each and every mug, so you are getting a completely individual and unique glaze. The beautiful hand-dipped glaze comes out a beautiful green, which makes you thing of the rolling plains in Yellowstone National Park. The finely detailed pure copper medallion in the center of the mug give this piece a unique look and is sure to make a stand out mug in your souvenir collection. 

Americaware is a company made of travelers for travelers! They have strived to make the perfect mug that reflects the feeling of their travels and now they want you to have that same feeling when it comes to your coffee mug. The best part of these mugs is that you get a true feeling of the location through the effort put into each mug. Americaware has taken the time to create products that let you look back fondly at your own travels as well. We at the Montana Gift Corral are travel fans and pet fans, so when we meet people who create products for those two things we have to work with them!

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