Groovy Cats Beverage Napkin by Paperproducts Design


SKU: 81504


  • 5" x 5" Beverage Napkin
  • 20 Napkins/Package
  • Made in Germany 

If there are two things that we love it is the culture of the 70s, and well, cats! Combine those two things and you've got the Groovy Cats Beverage Napkin by Paperproducts Design. Featuring the grooviest trio of kitties we ever did see, these adorable beverage napkins measure approximately 5" x 5" and are crafted from high-quality 3-ply naturally bleached paper. How cute is the kitty-inspired design? Trust us, you'll be looking good, and feline good with these adorable napkins!

Paperproducts Designs is a company that we know well and love here at Montana Gift Corral. From mugs to napkins, and even matches, our selection of products from this unique company is perfect for anyone with a love for high-quality dining essentials. PPD is passionate about pairing with a variety of artists from around the world, allowing art lovers to get their hands on fun designs they would not otherwise have access to. So cool!

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