Grow a Pony by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 51570


  • For ages 3+
  • Just add water
  • Expands 600%

Want a fun and quirky gift that is great for the whole family? Grow a Pony mixes magic and science and fun to create a mysterious good time. This tiny pony, when added to water, will grow and expand up to 600% it's size! The Grow a Pony toy is sure to cause some wows! We don't know how this pony does it, but we sure do love to see it. If you want a silly way to have some fun, this toy is for you.

The Hamilton Group is celebrating 63 years in business and boy, do they know how to pony up. Their focus is on creating gifts, toys and souvenirs that are western inspired. We sell a lot of their products, including hats, shirts, magnets, and more. We trust that The Hamilton Group will provide fun, western inspired gifts great for all!