Gut Hook Fixed Blade Sheath Knife by Buffalo Knives (3 Designs)


SKU: 70449


  • Gut Hook Knife with Leather Sheath
  • The knife length is 3.5" inches and the handle is 4" inches
  • Made in USA

Experience the power of the Gut Hook Fixed Blade Sheath Knife by Buffalo Knives. This knife is the perfect companion for any hunt, featuring a sturdy 3.5" blade and 4" wooden handle with hand-cut sterling silver inlay. The Gut Hook design allows you to quickly and precisely process game. Lightweight and made in the US, it's the perfect addition to your tool belt!

When you buy from Buffalo Knives, you are guaranteed a high-quality knife made right here in the USA. The leather sheath has a button clasp to keep the knife secure when not in use and is easy to unclasp and remove for quick use. We love the beautiful wooden handle that includes an inlaid sterling silver design. If you want a beautiful yet useful knife, this is the knife for you.