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Happy Tails Treat Jar by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 67735

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  • Metal Jar
  • Size: 42 oz
  • Measurements: 6" W x 7.2" H


Happy Tails Treat Jar is a metal canister made perfectly to hold your special dog's treats! Able to carry up to 42 ounces, there is plenty of room for lots and lots of doggie treats! Show that furry friend how special they are by getting them their very own dog cookie jar.

Imagine this jar resting on your counter, packed full of milk bones. As you walk into your kitchen, you can hear the pitter-patter of your pup's feet following your footsteps diligently. As you reach into the canister, you can feel the excitement roaring in your fuzzy friend. You hold a treat up, send your dog into a few neat tricks, then finish off with tossing the treat up and watching the dog jump up and catch it in their mouths. This special bond between you two will last for ages, and your pup having their own Happy Tails Treat Jar in the kitchen will only strengthen your bond!