Happy Trails Baby Bear Dish Towel by Park Designs


SKU: 80973


  • Kitchen Decor
  • 18" x 28"
  • High Quality

For the bear enthusiast who loves to be in the kitchen, a pair of bear cubs on a dish rag is the best decor you could add to your kitchen. With high quality craftsmanship this rag will last you for years and years to come. Use it to dry dishes, clean up minor spills and dry your hands after washing them. Having a dish rag close by has never been a bad thing, and you can never run out of good rags. Take your new favorite rag and make great meals in your kitchen!

Park Designs brings high quality and exciting design to their customers doors. They know and respect the knowledge of each of their clients and they want to make sure that they provide high quality, dependable products. Here at the Montana Gift Corral, we share a similar view as Park Designs which is why we love to carry their products and provide our customers with their quality made products.