Heart Sticky Note Cover by Quilling Card


SKU: 73331


  • Linen-wrapped
  • Includes new sticky note pad and elastic band
  • Refillable

Time to freshen up what's on your desk? A fresh, bright sticky note cover like this Heart Sticky Note Cover by Quilling Card will do just that! It's all in the details when you're trying to create a space you love where you can be most productive. This quilled heart design and the bright red linen cover will make you smile each time you look at it. Complete with flowers and other warm flourishes, it's just nice to add something special like this to a plain stack of sticky notes.

Quilling first began in Egypt, and the art of rolling and shaping paper into stunning images has had a long and rich history ever since. It was also used at one point by nuns and monks to mimic the look of gold filigree on fine religious books and journals. Today, the artists employed by Quilling Card help you bring that beauty into your home or office space. Brighten up that desktop with this Heart Sticky Note Cover by Quilling Card!