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Heartwood Creek Russian Santa Figurine by Jim Shore


Brand: Jim Shore
SKU: 50520

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  • 7" tall and 3 1/2" wide

The Heartwood Creations Russian Santa Figurine has everything your would expect the jolly Santa to have. From the top hat to the colorful design of the Kremlin this Russian Santa has the perfect style. The festive staff has a lovely piece of holly and is finished off with a colorful swirl on top of the staff. Don't forget about the Russian Doll Santa is holding in the other hand with the red flowers on the doll.

Jim Shore makes creative piece that allow you to decorate your home in an unique way. The Heartwood Creations Russian Santa Figurine is a lively piece to have in your home this holiday and many after.

Make sure decorate the house for all the guest that come for the holidays.