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Heartwood Creek Snowman with Puppy Figurine by Jim Shore


Brand: Jim Shore
SKU: 68997

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  • 8.5'' Tall
  • Handcrafted Stone Resin
  • Distributed in America 

The question as to whether Frosty the snowman is a cat or dog person is now answered. Frosty loves dogs! And you can love both with the Heartwood Creek Snowman with Puppy Figurine by Jim Shore. This intricately decorated stone resin ornament is a beautiful reminder that human or animal, mythical fairy tale creature or not, Christmas offers something that every living thing needs. Love. love for one another, love for our faith, and love for those who cant say I love you back like our canine friends!

Jim Shore designs and creates beautiful Christmas decor for you to use in your home to bring the spirit back into Christmas. Growing up in South Carolina, Jim claims that countless hours spent with his grandmother who was a master quilter, gave him his initial start to creating complex and intricate patterns and designs. With the Heartwood Creek Snowman with Puppy Figurine by Jim Shore, all of the wonder and inspiration of Mr. Shore are on full display!