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Hedgehog (Small) by Nat&Jules


SKU: 59097
  • Size: 8" Long
  • Material: Plush
  • 80% Acrylic, 20% Polyester

Nat & Jules continue to bring the adorably furry animals to your home. This time, a hedgehog has been added to the collection! Described by many as "soft and cuddly," this little guy will make the perfect companion for any one of your children who would love to have an adventure buddy to tag along on their trips!

Hedgehogs mainly stay on the ground, but are very skilled at swimming and even climbing trees! Your child and this little buddy will go near and far, seeking fun and adventure. Nat & Jules also make all their products surface washable, so in case this little hedgehog and your young one end up splashing into a creek or landing in some mud.

Give your kid a childhood toy that will build memories and good times as they grow up, so when they see a hedgehog, they are reminded of the great years of adventure and wandering, and feel like a kid once more!