Hey Ranger 2: More Tales of Humor by Jim Burnett


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  • 264 Pages
  • Written by Jim Burnett

Being a ranger in national parks can be eventful! In this sequel to Jim Burnetts Hey Ranger: True Tales of Humor and Misadventure from America's National Parks, you will have the opportunity to learn about some hilarious and ridiculous true stories about happenings in national parks around the USA! From unusual materials falling from the sky to photographer mishaps, there is no shortage of entertaining stories for Jim Burnett to expose. From cover to cover, this fun-filled book will keep you on your toes, wondering what the next page might entail - guaranteed! 

A veteran of thirty years as a National Park Service Ranger, Jim Burnett has an ever-growing list of stories to tell. He has worked at 8 national parks across the United States including the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, and Buffalo River. Talk about a jack of all trades (or a jack of all parks, if you will)! Jim's novels have provided him the opportunity to share fun stories on National Public Radio, ESPN radio, and an array of regional and local TV and radio shows. Neat!

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