Hike Plaque by Blair Cedar


SKU: 79002


  • 5" x 5"
  • Solid wood
  • Wall decoration

For those who find themselves outside everyday, this is the perfect decoration to add to your home. Hang this wall art plaque in the mudroom of your house, or just above the coat hangers in the hall, or right above the front door of your house. Announce to the world in a subtle way that you are a home of hikers that find comfort on the trail and solace in the trees. What makes this plaque better is it is made out of pure cedar wood which gives off an aromatic smell and helps repel some insects too.

Blair Cedar has been making cedar wood products for over 80 years, perfecting the art of carving and engraving to bring you the best quality products that they offer. Adding a little hiking art to your home is one of the things they specialize in and we at the Montana Gift Corral are proud to work with a company who strive to offer their customers quality products and long lasting ones too.