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Hummingbird Journal by Quilling Card


SKU: 73340


  • Approx. 6" x 8.75"
  • 120 Blank Pages
  • Ribbon Bookmark

     Follow your most fantastical flights of fancy with the Hummingbird Journal by Quilling Card! The Hummingbird Journal is a beautiful journal decorated with an old art style known as quilling. The art of quilling is the process of taking thin strips of colorful papers and tightly coiling them into circles or reshaping them into interesting patterns. The Hummingbird Journal features a sweet ruby-throated hummingbird enjoying a sip of nectar! Every part of the hummingbird on the Hummingbird Journal and most of the flower are entirely hand-quilled, giving the Hummingbird Journal a unique 3D effect most journals only dream of reaching. With the Hummingbird Journal's clean and clear 120 pages, you can doodle daydreams or write wishes without limitation. The small ribbon bookmark also guarantees you'll never lose your place! Chase your sweetest dreams with the Hummingbird Journal! 

     Quilling Card is a business founded on the desire to preserve a beautiful art form that began centuries ago. And what better way to share the beautiful art form than with greeting cards? Over years of hard work, Quilling Card has grown beyond just greeting cards and is a premier source for preserving and sharing the beautiful art style.