Hunting and Fishing Gift Set by Duke Cannon Supply Co.


SKU: 78199


  • 20 oz.
  • Made in the USA
  • Contains two 10 oz bricks of soap

Here we bring to you the Hunting and Fishing Soap Kit! Or perhaps it's the Fishing and Hunting Soap Kit. Truth be told, it's both! Who doesn't love both? The Hunting and Fishing Gift Set by Duke Cannon Supply Co. is perfect for anyone who longs to get that fishy or musty hunting smell off of their hands. The Big Ol’ Brick of Hunting Soap has a unique scent-eliminating formula that captures odors and prevents their release. The Heavy Duty Hand Soap is made with superior grade pumice and works hard to remove dirt, grease, guts, and fish odor from a man’s hands. With it's subtle citrus scent, you'll be smelling good in no time!

In their own words, "Duke Cannon hails from a simpler time. A time when the term outdoorsman was redundant. A time when chivalry and patriotism weren’t considered old- fashioned. A time when you never put the word salad next to bar". Pick up the Hunting and Fishing Gift Set by Duke Cannon Supply Co and get ready for your next hunting/fishing trip! 

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