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It Takes a Dog to Raise A Village by Ruth Gordon


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Western Book: “It Takes a Dog to Raise a Village” is a Dog Books collection of true tales gathered from around the word and told through this remarkable Pet Books selection. There are tales of captivating canines that insisted on living life on their terms and giving love as freely and as often as time allowed them. There are stories of dogs that rode the railway systems, attended to those in nursing care facilities, slept of the graves of the deceased owners and alerted the town of approaching ships despite being stone deaf. This enchanting selection of Dog Books is a must – have for all those who love dogs and for those who love a good story. This Pet Books item has 192 pages with 9 illustrations in a 5.75” x 7.5” hardcover and is offered for your reading pleasure through our Western Book gallery. ISBN:1-57223-300-1