Knitting Marmot Puzzle by Two Little Fruits


SKU: 77945


  • 1000 piece puzzle
  • The puzzle measures 18 x 24 in.
  • Features art by Two Little Fruits
  • Made in the USA

I bet you didn't know that marmots knit in the wild when you're not looking. They knit sweaters, oven mitts, blankets, anything really! Lucky for you, the Knitting Marmot Puzzle by Two Little Fruits captures this rare moment in the form of a puzzle! You can keep this puzzle in your living room to make a great conversation piece, so you can educate your guests that marmots do in fact, knit in their free time. 

Two Little Fruits is a company, owned and operated by Brent and Derek, two dapper gents that we are so happy to support! They are passionate about using various techniques, mediums, and themes to add a pop of color into peoples daily lives! They believe art is a very important thing, second only to love, but that doesn’t mean it needs to take itself so seriously! Art can be funny, dynamic, useful, and affordable! We totally agree!