Lady Bug Post Earrings by Nature Cast Metalworks


SKU: 60028


  • Stud Earrings
  • Sterling silver
  • Made in USA

Not only do ladybugs help to protect your gardens but not they can help protect you! The ladybug often symbolizes protection in many cultures, and they also represent good luck. The Lady Bug Post Earrings by Nature Cast Metalworks are a cute, comfortable earring that can add a cute touch to any ear! These adorable enameled sterling silver earrings are just the thing for any daughter, mom, or grandma! Any lady will look great in ladybug earrings! 

If we know of any company that makes a great gift for any lady, it's Nature Cast Metalworks! Being in business since the late 90's, Nature Cast Metalworks is still operating strong bringing people stunning USA-made jewelry! The owners love to get outdoors and take in the inspiration for all of their products you see! We at the Montana Gift Corral love to carry their jewelry in our stores because of their dedication to serve their customers and partners, and we love to support dedicated people with a drive to bring people the best!

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