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Latibulez Bucket Bag by Myra Bag


Brand: Myra Bag
SKU: 80721

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  • Made of Cotton and Leather
  • W 15.5"x H 13.5"
  • 22" Shoulder Strap

Did you know that the bucket bag started its real form from the champagne bottles' bag produced by Louis Vuitton? That bag was designed to carry 5 bottles of champagne at a time safely. Now we don't think this dark hued, olive green bucket bag can carry 5 bottles of champagne, but it can carry your belongings and more! The Latibulez Bucket Bag by Myra Bag is a perfect choice for those who carry around a lot of things with them, providing them a safe place to keep their belongings!

Myra Bag is all about making unique, vintage-inspired bags and clutches that have a smaller impact on the environment than other fast fashion brands. All of the leather components are made out of real hides and all the other textiles are recycled and reused. Each bag goes through several rounds of quality checks to ensure you're getting the best so that they last you for the longest time. Perfect for anyone loving a vintage design, flowery or academia, make sure to check out our product collection from Myra Bag!