Lewis and Clark Caverns Pumpkin Spiced Bat Youth Sweater


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  • Zipper Hoodie

   "I'm still a kid inside, and adventure is adventure wherever you find it"

     The Lewis and Clark Caverns is one of the most exciting adventures you can bring your family on in the Big Sky Country. Celebrate your time in Montana's first state park with the Lewis and Clark Caverns Pumpkin Spiced Bat Youth Sweater! The L&C Spiced Bat Sweater is perfect for the little spelunker in your life. Made with a soft yet durable material the L&C Spiced Bat Sweater will keep them warm even as they explore the fifty-degree caves. With the words "Lewis and Clark Caverns" written on the front the L&C Spiced Bat Sweater will give your kiddo the chance to share their experience with their friends. The L&C Spiced Bat Sweater also has the silhouette of a bat on it, one of the caverns most famous residents. 

     The Lewis and Clark Caverns were first explored in 1898 by local hunter Tom Williams along with six of his friends. Native Americans had known of the caves and the legends of the caves had been the main source of its location. And in 1805 Lewis and Clark stopped on the bank of Antelope Creek, not far from the cavern entrance. Their journey through  the state park is what gave the park its name. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park was recognized as a state park in 1937.