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Rebirth Tree of Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass (3 sizes)


SKU: 56444


  • Made in Canada
  • Made of mouthblown glass
  • Indoor/outdoor use

Add color to your home year-round with the Rebirth Tree of Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass. With several collections to choose from, their Tree of Enchantment collection is based on the unique diversity of trees in the forest. No two trees are ever alike, just as these magical glass balls will always be individual due to the process of blowing the glass. Each trunk, each branch finishes with its own design and beauty. The meaning of this enchantment ball calls back to the way trees are reborn. They grow and die, each time coming back stronger than they were before. That power of rebirth is something we should all be reminded of daily. 

Kitras began in 1988 as a small mom-and-pop outfit. Today, they work in their studio in Fergus, Ontario with a whole team of talented artisans who believe in creating beauty every day. To make each ornament, they start with molten glass which when heated at such high temperatures acts almost honey-like in its movement. From there, they add frit, which is the colored glass pieces, that fuse with the hot glass in each interesting design. Then, the glassblower blows down a long tube to inflate the glass and rolls it on heat-resistant material to give it a rounded shape. A lot of work goes into each ornament, which will make you love your Rebirth Tree of Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass even more!