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Mustard Full Star Bear and Fish Montana Long Sleeve Shirt


Brand: Lakeshirts
SKU: 40867

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You can't really have a true collection of Western Clothing without some Montana Tee Shirts. That's why we offer the finest selection of Montana Tee Shirts to you. Coming from Lakeshirts out of Littleton, Colorado, this shirt is called the Mustard “Full Star Bear and Fish” Montana Tee Shirt. The most unique feature of these shirts is they are pre-dyed at a 6.1 ounce weight and injected with a special enzyme to give them a soft hand feel. Sushi is indeed a delicious treat for any food connoisseur. Bears, who are experts in the wild on food, can definitely agree to that. That's why they fish in the mountain streams—they can get their sushi wild and raw that way! Use our Montana Tee Shirts to show off your favorite things and places in Big Sky Country. They're sure to become a beloved addition to your favorite Western Clothing items!

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