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Lop Ear Bunny Small by Nat & Jules


SKU: 66664


20% Polyester and 80% Acrylic

Distributed in America

Did you know bunny's are born blind and can take up to a week  to gain vision. Luckily you don't have to be blind to the screaming deal for the Lop Ear Bunny Small. This furry cuddle buddy is made with extra soft plush, and washable materials, so no matter where this silly rabbit finds himself, he's one quick wash away from being back in your child's arms.

Nat and Jules is a division of Demdaco that is tasked with creating fun and exiting new stuffed animals for every kind of taste. They have everything from Domesticated cats and dogs to dinosaurs and everything in between. With that many choices, there is something for everyone with Nat and Jules.

So if your tired of hopping from store to store trying to find a great gift, and want to give your child or perhaps a nephew the gift that will make them smile, then the Lop Ear Bunny Small might be just what your looking for.