Lupine Copper Mine Bracelet by Montana Leather Designs


SKU: 80423


  • Size Medium - 7.5" inches
  • Made in Montana
  • Handmade Copper Enameled Bead

The Lupine Copper Mine Bracelet is a gorgeous, high-quality, leather bracelet made to last. The handmade copper enameled bead has a stunning purple quality that really stands out against the dark-brown, leather strap. The bracelet clasp is made of copper and is magnetic for an easy close so you can trust this bracelet will stay on. Best of all, the leather is local, high-quality Montana leather, made to last.

Montana Leather Designs is a company based in Stevensville, Montana. They are known for high-quality leather goods. They design all of their glass beads using the fusion of glass powder to a glass bead, resulting in a stunning colorful pattern unique to each piece. The Lupine Copper bead results in a stunning purple color and is easily one of our favorites.