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Lupine Woodblock Card by Claire Emery Art


SKU: 80303


  • 4.25" inches by 5.5" inches
  • Woodblock Print
  • Made in Montana

Have you ever been out in the great Montana plains and gotten a glimpse of those stunning purple and blue wildflowers? Although wild Lupines come in many colors, there is something so captivating about seeing that vibrant purple against a field of green. If you love that feeling as much as we do, the Lupine Woodblock Card by Claire Emery Art will make a great greeting card for you! Give the gift of Montana wildlife and Montana artistry to any loved one! These cards are pretty enough to frame!

Each card by Claire Emery Art is truly stunning. By using wildlife as her inspiration for many of her works, the beauty that shines through each image reflects the beauty found within nature. Through meticulously hand-carving each print from a block of wood, it's easy to say she has become a true master of her medium. After working among scientists and conservationists all around Montana, Claire Emery has developed an extensive reputation for being one of the best nature artists and her work is highly sought after! We love it! 

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