Meadow Buzz Square Matches by Paperproducts Design


SKU: 81445


  • Decorative Matchbox
  • Measures 4.25" Square
  • 60 Matches/Reuseable Box

There is nothing cozier than lighting your favorite candle, snuggling up with a good blanket, and watching your favorite movie or tv show. Why not accentuate the experience with a set of high-quality decorative matches? Personally, we've been enamored by the Meadow Buzz Square Matches by Paperproducts Design. Featuring a design of adorable hummingbirds with quirky flower hats, not only will you enjoy the authentic feeling of lighting your candles with a match, but this decorative matchbox is the perfect way to add a bit of nature-inspired visual appeal to any space. Equipped with 60 matches, you'll have plenty to go around and once you use them all up, you'll be able to reuse the decorative matchbox to hold any small knick-knacks you have laying around!

Designed by an artist named Vicki Sawyer, we know you will love the adorable design featured on the Meadow Buzz Square Matches by Paperproducts Design. Vicki is passionate about creating art that invokes feelings of peace, joy, and as displayed here, humor! As she puts it, "On a walk a few years ago, it occurred to me that if birds could build nests, then they could make hats." This thought alone has inspired many of her nature-inspired mug and napkin designs!

Vicki Sawyer and Paperproducts Design offer a wonderful array of paper goods for the home. We have to say the First Date Beverage Napkins by Paperprodcuts Design are quite adorable!