Medium Bear Stainless Steel Hammered Brass Ornament by Art Studio Company


SKU: 76615


  • Measures approx. 4.5" W x 3" H
  • Crafted from Stainless Steel
  • A portion of all profits donated to the Global Dental Relief

There is no animal more iconic in Montana than bears. These massive mammals are known for prowling throughout Montana and are definitely an attraction in the big sky state (though we don't recommend getting too close to them). If you are a fan of bears, you need to pick up the Medium Bear Stainless Steel Hammered Brass Ornament by Art Studio Company. This unique ornament is exactly what you need to commemorate your precious time spent in our beautiful state! Crafted from hammered stainless steel, this awesome ornament is sure to hold up for years to come. Love it!

Here at Montana Gift Corral, we are Art Studio Company's biggest fans. We adore the socially conscious practices of this unique company, especially its relentless commitment to using earth-friendly materials and supporting ethical workmanship. Each product from Art Studio Company is handcrafted by artists local to small villages worldwide. This being said, a portion of all profits are donated back to the villages in which these products are made. In addition to these awesome donations, Art Studio Company is known for its contributions to the Global Dental Relief. Take pride in the fact that with your purchase, you are benefiting individuals worldwide!

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