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Medium Movie Sand Picture by Klaus Bosch


SKU: 59806
  • 11.25" by 16.50" 1.25"

Sit back and watch the sand slowly fall down the amazing picture. You will find yourself slowly relaxing as the sand continues to fall to the bottom of the frame to create mountains, valley, and dunes. This is what these amazing sand arts are for, to bring a little more Zen into your life. One of the best parts about the sand art is that once all the sand has run to the bottom all you need to do is flip it over to create a new picture. Also, all the sand art pictures come with kits that have instructions on how to take air out or put air back in so the picture will last a long time. It makes a perfect gift for those who love art. Or it will look amazing in your home. Klaus Bosch is the creator behind all the amazing sand art.