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Meeting Natives with Lewis and Clark by Barbara Fifer


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  • 56 pages
  • Grade lever 3-4
  • Local Montana author
  • Published in Montana

“Lewis and Clark thought they were well prepared to hold a council with the Yankton Sioux.In mid-June, they'd hired Pierre Dorion, a French trader married to a Yankton woman, to interpret. Dorion had been heading down the Missouri River with the other traders when they met the expedition heading upstream."

 - from Plains Indian Nations: Yankton Sioux

The perfect book to introduce your child to the Lewis and Clark expedition as well as to a variety of native peoples and groups, and to the diversity amongst these tribes, this book from author Barbara Fifer is truly a gem. Part of the purpose of the Lewis and Clark expedition was to learn about the native groups west of the Mississippi, and from the great plains, to the rocky mountains, to the Columbia River Basin, they did exactly that! Fifer is the author of several histories for both adults and children including five books on Lewis and Clarke.

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