Mellow Fellows Horse Hanley by Nat & Jules


SKU: 66661
  • 13'' x 5'' x 5''
  • Polyester Washable Material
  • Distributed in America

The fastest recorded speed of a running horse was 55 mph. You wont have to worry stuffed animalabout Mellow Fellows Horse Hanley running off on you. This adorable stuffed animal is made with extra soft plush and child safe materials to ensure That each time your child has an adventure with Hanley, it is as soft and exiting as the last. One thing is for sure, Hanley the horse is sure to put a smile on the face of any young cowpoke. 

Nat and Jules is a division of Demdaco that is tasked with designing innovative and cute stuffed animals for any child's tastes. Weather your kid is a future marine biologist or a hunter in the making, Nat and Jules has everything from T- Rex's to chihuahuas, So no matter what your child's interests are, there is something for them at Nat and Jules.

If your looking for a great gift to give to a favorite niece or nephew this holiday season, or if you want to find your young rancher a great toy to display there roots, then the Mellow Fellows Horse Hanley is a wonderful choice for you.