Midnight Snack Bag by Hammond's Candies


SKU: 78777


  • 6.5 oz. bag
  • Ingredients: Toffee peanuts, taco sesame sticks, peanuts, pretzel balls, cheddar wholes, cajun corn sticks

There is a snack mix that is so irresistible that, even at midnight, it calls your name. Lucky for you, we sell it here at Montana Gift Corral! The mouth watering savory Midnight Snack Bag simply hits the spot and keeps you coming back for more. This is a good addiction folks. As Hammond's Candies puts it, it is certainly a Super Snack Mix. Don't just trust us. Try it for yourself! 

Nearly 100 years ago, Carl Hammond, Sr. opened Hammond's Candies in Denver, Colorado. As the bag says, Yummy Since 1920! Since the very beginning, this company has maintained a passion for high-quality goodies that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Hammond's candies quickly became known for their delicious creations and are now considered an iconic American brand. The Midnight Snack Bag by Hammond's Candies carries on that tradition of world-class, unforgettable, and utterly delicious candy.

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