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Milk Chocolate Dunking Spoon by Hammond's Candies


SKU: 79634


  • 1.5 oz
  • Made in Denver
  • Solid milk chocolate

Due to extreme summer temperatures between June 1st and Sept. 15, we recommend expedited shipping when purchasing chocolate or candy to prevent melting. Please call (406)388-7369 for expedited shipping. Thank You!

Perfecting the greatest cup of hot chocolate is something that everyone has tried to do at some point in their lives. Well, now that journey has ended! The Milk Chocolate Dunking Spoon by Hammond's Candies is your one-way ticket to the perfect cup of hot chocolate, and it couldn't be easier to make! Just heat up a glass of water or milk, dip in your dunking spoon and get to stirring! The chocolate will melt from the heat of your preferred liquid and you have yourself a delicious cup of cocoa in no time! 

If you know candy, you know Hammond's. Hammond's Candies is based out of  Denver, Colorado. Dating back to over 100 years ago, the family has worked to perfect the recipes for their chocolate and continue to add fun, unique items for families to share across the world. Known for their silky smooth chocolate, being able to drink this as hot cocoa is a true delight! For the chocolate lover in your life, get the Milk Chocolate Dunking Spoon by Hammond's Candies! 

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