Mini Moose Ironwood Carving by EarthView, Inc.


SKU: 51861
  • Hand-carved Ironwood figurine
  • Earthview, Inc. is a family-owned company
  • Small size - 3"W x 4"T

Even a little moose packs a huge punch. Made from dense ironwood and carefully hand carved, this figurine from EarthView, Inc. is uniquely Montana, perfect for a souvenir or a heartwarming gift for someone who appreciates nature in all its beauty.

A company founded in 1994 and based out of Tucson, Arizona, Earthview, Inc. crafts all their figurines from one of the most beautiful hardwoods in the world. An environmentally and socially concerned company, EarthView gathers all their wood with government-issued permits and pays their amazingly talented artists above fair prices for their work.