Miranda Napkins by Paperproducts Design (2 Sizes)


SKU: 81465


  • 2 sizes available
  • 20 napkins/package with resealable opening
  • Soft 3-ply paper

Sometimes when all of life's stressors get you feeling low, you just gotta let your hair down! So why not let it flow at your next dinner party? The Miranda Napkins by Paperproducts Design will not only let your guests know that you are fun and lighthearted, but also free-spirited and chill. Featuring stunning art by Vicki Sawyer, these napkins are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone you invite over!

Vicki Sawyer's love for the wilderness was influenced by her family and their stories. Vicki's grandfather would educate her with the names of plants and their purposes, her mom taught her to be visually aware, and it was through her dad that she developed her love for birds. Since 1994, Paperproducts Design has made it their goal to celebrate art in a functional and useful way, and the best way is to incorporate it into your daily life! Partnering with Vicki Sawyer let's you bring this stunning art easily into your home!

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