Montana Moose Sunset Patch by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 78560


  • Montana-inspired design
  • Great collectors item
  • 2.25" x 3" 

Montana sunsets and moose make for a great representation of the Big Sky state! The Montana Moose Sunset Patch by The Hamilton Group is a great addition to any jacket, backpack, vest, or really anything you think could use a stylish patch! Moose are definitely a beautiful sight from afar, and can usually be found roaming in western Montana. If you are looking to add to your collection, take a look at the Montana Bear Sunset Patch and the Montana Buffalo Sunset Patch by Hamilton Group

Patches by The Hamilton Group are a stylish addition to any jacket, vest, backpack, or anything you want to put a patch on! Since this awesome company has been making quality souvenirs since 1959, they have been supplying great gifts like bumper stickers, patches, pins, stuffed animals and so much more! You'll look and feel great with any of their Montana-themed souvenirs. We cannot recommend the Montana ones more! We know you will just love them!

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