Monarch Migration Round Platter by Elizabeth St. Hilaire


SKU: 69537


  • Hand-wash only
  • Metal-accented
  • 14" Diameter
  • High-gloss finish

Do you remember when you were a child and you saw a butterfly? The excitement and wonder that filled you. Did you try and catch it? Or follow its whimsical flight? With the stunning Monarch Migration Round Platter by Elizabeth St. Hilaire, you can inspire that same childlike wonder in your guests. The Monarch Migration Round Platter brilliantly captures the breathtaking beauty of the monarch migration that occurs every October in North America. Each year, millions of butterflies take to the skies and Monarch Migration genuinely captures the feeling of gazing up at all of them. With uniquely irregular edges and a subtle metallic accent, this plate is sure to make your heart flutter.

Elizabeth St. Hilaire always knew that art was her calling. After her father gave her a box of keepsakes, Elizabeth wanted a different way to display her family heritage. So she ripped some pieces apart and glued them back together in an elegant collage. Adding vibrant colors, Elizabeth made a portrait of her mother. From then on Elizabeth began her Paper Paintings, all made from paper collages with bright colors painted over. She partnered with Big Sky Carvers so she could share her vivid and evocative creations with the rest of the world.