Montana Bear Claw Magnet by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 63195


  • Measures approx. 3 1/2" long
  • Part of our Hamilton Group Montana souvenirs
  • Branded with Montana

Get a little wild souvenir from Montana with this Montana Bear Claw Magnet by The Hamilton Group. While this is only a replica, this is such a fun way to bring back a little memento from your favorite family vacation. The kids will love seeing this bear claw on the refrigerator holding up their latest art project or gold start from school. The details make this almost look real! From the dark and light brown shading to the rough knuckle at the end, this is definitely the safest way to get yourself a bear claw! We definitely do not recommend trying to find them in the wild! Plus, with a bear and Montana emblem on the front, you'll always remember exactly where this came from!

As an offering from The Hamilton Group, you know you're getting something really fun and unique in your Montana souvenir! This family-owned company has been in business in Montana since 1959. As a third generation of the family takes up the reigns, they are continuing the tradition of making sure Montanans and visitors get the absolute best souvenirs out there. From bumper stickers to stuffed animals, toys and of course Montana magnets, they are always on the hunt for the next best goodie for you. Wherever you choose to stick it, you'll love the Montana Bear Claw Magnet by The Hamilton Group!